Using your iPhone with wireless speakers


Basically, every time an iPhone user uses his device, there are many options on sound quality or connectivity. Now, one of those options is exactly the connectivity with wireless speakers.

As we all know, there are different wireless speaker types. For example, there are Bluetooth speakers and there are wifi speakers as well. Now, we are going to discuss how to use your iPhone with Bluetooth speakers or basically any other similar device.

Connect via Bluetooth Speaker

If you decide to use the Bluetooth speaker with your iPhone, you can wirelessly transfer the audio sounds from your device to the Bluetooth speaker. Now, in order to make this work, you need to make sure that your external speaker has Bluetooth option (Bluetooth speaker) and that your iPhone is in the range of connectivity.

You should also know that the range of connectivity is approximately 33ft. Fairly, that is enough for an everyday use of you Bluetooth speaker.

Don’t mistake Bluetooth speakers with Bluetooth headphones

Well, there are a lot of Bluetooth devices that offers great music listening experience and that are easy to connect. But don’t be misguided by the versatility of the use of Bluetooth devices. Now, there are Bluetooth speakers that we are discussing about, and there are other Bluetooth devices.

With Bluetooth head-set you can wirelessly transfer phone calls and do a lot of hands-free activities with your iPhone.

The Benefits of the Bluetooth speakers

Plainly speaking, the Bluetooth speakers are possibly one of the best solutions for every music lover that likes to enjoy the real sound quality. The connection part is simple. You just need to find your Bluetooth options on your iPhone and then search for the Bluetooth speaker that you already turned on.

Now, there are some benefits that you need to know about Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Better sound quality – Bluetooth speakers are made to provide the best sound quality and they are able to do that without any difficulties. Simply speaking, you will have one of the best experiences with Bluetooth speakers.
  2. Easy transport and portability – Due to the fact that Bluetooth speakers are lightweight, they are simply easy to transport and easy to carry. The possibility to carry them anywhere you go is also something great about Bluetooth speakers.
  3. Long-lasting battery – Well, the battery of Bluetooth speakers is very durable and they last longer than iPhone battery. You will be able to use the Bluetooth speaker anytime you want and the battery is rechargeable with USB cable that you get inside the packet.

Consider the Update of your iPhone device

If you updated your iPhone to IOS7 than you can have even easier connecting solutions. Now, you can turn off or on the Bluetooth option on the Control Panel. You will be able to access the Control Center by swiping your fingers from the bottom of the phone to the top, then the Bluetooth option will appear and all you need to do is turn it on.

After you connected the Bluetooth speaker with your iPhone, all there is to do is to sit back and enjoy the music. The great thing about this is that you can access different apps and with your iPhone while your device is connected to the Bluetooth speaker. These apps are AirPlay, Music or Videos as well.

Overall value of the wireless speakers with iPhone

Now, in order to get the most benefits from a wireless speaker, you simply need to get the one that is suitable for your iPhone. There are a lot of them on the market and they all hold pretty good value for the price.

Both Bluetooth speakers and other wireless speakers are basically affordable and easy to get. Now, there are some that belongs to the ‘’high-end’’ price point category and others that are in the ‘’cheap’’ price point category. That is the best indicator of the versatility of the price of the wireless speakers.

So, there is a perfect wireless speaker for everyone.


With everything that we said about wireless speakers that works fine with the iPhone, we can only conclude that they are great and very practical thing to have. You can benefit a lot from a good wireless speaker that can connect to your iPhone.

There are also some activities you can do with your speaker. Simply speaking, you will be able to throw a good party with good and powerful speakers. If you like watching movies then a good wireless speaker is great for you because you can make your own home theater.

Also, the ability to transport the wireless speakers is absolutely great. The best wireless speaker is easily transportable and offer great use when you are on the travel.

In conclusion, there are a lot of great wireless speakers that works fine with iPhone, so it is only up to you to get the right one.