Top Bluetooth speakers


Most of the top portable speakers use the Bluetooth connectivity technology. Now, this is offering some benefits for the users. Simply speaking, every Bluetooth speaker is made to be portable and easy to carry. Also, they are pretty easy to connect to other devices and provide the best sound quality.

In order to get to know Bluetooth speakers better, we will discuss their benefits and advantages now.

About Bluetooth Speakers in General

Well, the top Bluetooth speakers definitely have great features that every user can benefit from. Now, take this into consideration about Bluetooth speakers in general.

  1. They are easy to connect – In order to connect the Bluetooth speaker to other devices, you just need to make sure that other devices have a Bluetooth option. This is pretty easy since nowadays everything is made with Bluetooth options.
  2. Portability – The top Bluetooth speakers are easily portable. They are lightweight and they have a good design for transport. Anyhow, they are made to either be positioned and play or travel and play.
  3. Wide range – Bluetooth speakers have a wider range than mobile devices, but they don’t have better range than wifi speakers. Simply speaking, you will be able to connect to the Bluetooth speaker from a 100ft distance which is enough in our opinion.

List of the Top Bluetooth Speakers

Now, we have prepared this list of top Bluetooth speakers for you. Let’s see what these speakers can do.

1)    Labvon Bluetooth Speaker with Louder Volume 10w+ More Bass Buit-in Mic Dual-Driver Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone7/6 plus/6/Samsung and more

Labvon Bluetooth Speaker is one of the top Bluetooth speakers out there. This speaker offers superior sound quality which means that you can experience the full-bodied stereo with dual high-performance drivers that ensures clarity.

Also, this speaker has a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable and it lasts up to 24h. Now that is some powerful thing right there.

Next, this speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It is compatible with every device that has a Bluetooth option and it is so easy to connect to them.


  • Great sound quality – Simply speaking, this speaker is offering superb and excellent sound quality.
  • Perfectly easy connectivity – You will be able to connect this Bluetooth speaker with every device that has a Bluetooth option on them with ease.
  • Beautiful design – With the black color and round shaped design, this speaker is truly something special.


  • The range of connectivity – This speaker has a little bit shorter range than other speakers.

2)    ARCHEER 25W Bluetooth Speaker (A320) with Super Bass, Loud Bamboo Wood Home Audio Wireless Speakers with Subwoofer

ARCHEER 25W Bluetooth Speaker is possibly one of the top Bluetooth speakers on the market. Simply speaking, the sound quality that this speaker provides is superior. This speaker has dual 5W drivers that offer crystal clear Mid and High sound.

As for the connectivity, this speaker is able to connect to all Bluetooth devices in a range of 33ft. Now, that might not be the best range, but it is fairly enough for everyday occasions.

Next, the battery is lasting very long. Also, you are able to recharge this speaker via USB cable or with a charger. This feature is considered good since most of the people like to have more options than just one charging option.


  • Superior sound quality – Simply speaking, this speaker is offering great and crystal sound. Both Mid and High sound are perfectly clear and crisp.
  • Easy to connect – You will be able to connect to this speaker with east in just a few seconds. Also, the speaker will automatically connect to the last device used.
  • Great for home – Many sources suggest that this speaker will perform absolutely perfect at home. It is great for setting up a home theatre or pumping up the volume for the party.


  • Range – This speaker doesn’t excel that much in a range of connection. Simply speaking, the 33ft is its range.

3)    COMISO 30W Bluetooth Speakers with Super Bass, Bamboo Wood Home Speaker with Subwoofer – (Grey)

COMISO 30W Bluetooth Speaker is simply rated as one of the best top Bluetooth speakers ever made. Also, this speaker is best seller item on the market. Now, let’s see how good this speaker truly is.

This speaker’s performance is very powerful. The total of 30W drivers and passive radiators that provide full audio clarity and splendid bass performance makes this speaker truly awesome.

As for the battery, this speaker is made to last long at any volume. It can play up to 20h and the battery is rechargeable via USB cable.


  • Very convenient – This speaker has hands-free function and it is connected to your smartphone at any time.
  • Powerful performance – This speaker really excels in every field of performance. All the equipment that this speaker has is only contributing to the overall performance.
  • Best seller – This speaker is the most popular item on the market, that is only because it is so good.


  • Connection problems – Sometimes this speaker may lose Bluetooth connection, that is because other signals interfere and disturb the signal.


In the light of everything we said above about top Bluetooth speaker we can only add that they are all very valuable. We picked these three speakers for a reason, and that is because they hold pretty good value for the price.

Now, be the judge and decide which one is the best for you.